Discovering Yourself in a Roleplaying Game, ft. Vanessa Hoskins and DC



Tabletop roleplaying allows people to assume the lives of fantastic characters. Vanessa Hoskins is a game designer who primarily works with Pathfinder, and writing for the game helped her realize her gender identity. Game designer DC lends their perspective on how tabletop roleplaying is an inherently queer activity. And all the while, the hosts of We Must Ignite bring you into their own ongoing game of Dungeons and Dragons.

Special thanks to one of our DnD players, Kimberly Koerth, for appearing in the episode.

Hosts: Tiana Gaudioso, Jaye McAuliffe, Raina Bowers, and Rachel Bunning

Producer: Jaye McAuliffe

Music by Jaye McAuliffe, Monplaisir and Kevin MacLeod (The Descent and Heart of Nowhere).