We Must Ignite is a documentary podcast about women, non-binary people, and trans men making creative fires. We showcase stories about the challenges and triumphs of pursuing your artistic passions. Ultimately, we hope this show will inspire you to make your own creative projects.


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Raina Bowers

Raina Bowers is a freelance photographer and videographer with a love for thrifting and travel. She works at Buffalo Exchange while filling her free hours with engagement shoots, wedding videos, travel photography and awesome projects with other incredible local artists, like We Must Ignite. With a degree in filmmaking she’s trying to find her way in the world as a storyteller.

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Jaye McAuliffe

Jaye McAuliffe is a freelance journalist specializing in public radio. As We Must Ignite’s producer, she records most of the show’s sounds and interviews and mixes them together. She also records random noises in her free time, likes listening to old radio broadcasts, and is the kind of person who argues that everything you can hear is music. In short, she is a complete audio nerd. In addition to We Must Ignite, she edits Just Shoot It, a podcast about how to be a director in the film industry.

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Tiana Gaudioso

Tiana Gaudioso is a barista, performer, self-titled poet, jotter of thoughts, and emotional human. In addition to producing endless support for the creative women surrounding her, she also spends her free time absorbing as much art as possible and working at Starbucks. With an interest in social and popular culture, she can’t wait to see where her curiosity takes her.



Rachel Bunning

Rachel Bunning is an Arizona native and writer. She is a reader, a runner, and lover of the oxford comma. Rachel runs the We Must Ignite blog, and her areas of interest include: healthy and productive living, domestic violence awareness, literature, travel, open dialogue about humanity, and just life and earth citizenship in general. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in creative writing from Arizona State University. Her work has appeared in BLUE STOAT.


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