8. Cosplaying and Crafting with Crooked Feathers, ft. Alexis Noriega

Alexis Noriega uses her engineering training to fuel her art. She crafts and sells mechanical prop wings. She describes the challenge of choosing between art and engineering and efforts to encourage women to pursue STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).

7. Preserving Armenia Within America, ft. Rafaella Safarian

Creative writer Rafaella Safarian talks with Rachel and Jaye about finding inspiration in her family and Armenian cultural heritage. Rafaella is the founder of HyeBred Magazine, a literary journal for Armenian artists.

6. Creating Clothes for a Cause, ft. Emma Bush

Emma Bush, the founder of Soapbox Clothing For A Cause, describes learning to sew and her experiences collaborating with other artists. Then, the hosts of We Must Ignite discuss their own body image issues.

5. The Women Behind the Microphones

The hosts of We Must Ignite pull back the curtains and bring you into their own lives. Listen to this episode to find out more about the art that they create.

4. Fear of a Black Queer Planet, ft. Dallas Diaz

Dallas Diaz talks about their music projects and about creating a future where black queer people are celebrated and loved.

3. When your art is your work, ft. Natalie Allen

When you've made a career out of your artwork, how do you keep yourself motivated and inspired? Raina talks with photographer Natalie Allen to find out.


Rachel and Jaye dive into the Phoenix zine scene and talk with Charissa Lucille of the Wasted Ink Zine Distro. They work together to figure out how to push past their fears of sharing their stories.

Also featuring special guest Zoe Sugg (, the founder of They Have Issues.

1. The Shameless Women of Arizona Comedy, ft. Trejon Dunkley

Tiana and Jaye interview Trejon Dunkley, a comedian, artist, and writer who pushes past her own insecurities to tell some hilarious jokes. Come for the laughs; stay for the heartfelt life advice.

0. Wait, What is We Must Ignite? (Teaser)

"This show begins with one simple question, 'how do we make sure that women and nonbinary people have the space to pursue their own art?'"