Publishing Without Anyone’s Permission, ft. Charissa Lucille



In this episode, Rachel and Jaye dive into the Phoenix zine scene and talk with Charissa Lucille of the Wasted Ink Zine Distro. They work together to figure out how to push past their fears of sharing their stories.

“I’ve been diving into this more personal publishing. It is introspective. It is diving deep and kind of uncovering all the parts of me that I might not think are all that important or story-worthy, but there’s always another person that connects to those stories, and says, ‘oh, me too. I’d love to share this. I’d love to share this with other people.’”

Also featuring special guest Zoe Sugg (, the founder of They Have Issues.

Hosts: Raina Bowers, Tiana Gaudioso, Rachel Bunning, and Jaye McAuliffe

Producer and music composer: Jaye McAuliffe